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At each event we ask for a volunteer to record their experiences and impressions. These articles are published in our newsletter and eventually appear here as an archive of our activities. Note that these are only provided for reference, and are not endorsed by Event Leaders. Interpretations can change often and rapidly in Geology, any information stated should be verified from appropriate sources before being quoted.

2010 Icelandic Volcanism  Northmoor Hill  The Geology of London  Tectonic Evolution in Zagros  Impact Cratering and Ejecta Deposits  Riddlesdown Quarry and Croham Hurst  The Corsi Collection and Oxford Building Stones  Predicting Earthquakes  Samos, an Overview  Messel fossil-pit  Bargates of Guildford and Godalming  The Lost River Tyburn  Barton-on-Sea  Vale of Fernhurst  Evolution of the Thames Basin  Weald and Downland Open Air Museum  Fishbourne Roman Palace  Late Quaternary Climate Variability  Norfolk  Mantle Plumes and the Siberian Traps
2009 Indian Flood Basalt Volcanism  Freemasons' Hall  Faunas of Chengjiang and Herefordshire Lagerstätten  Athabaska Tar Sands  A3 Hindhead Tunnel  Antarctic Odyssey  Hobbit SOS  Northumberland  Sinking Slabs - Moving Plates  Hertfordshire Puddingstone  Walton on the Naze  Hammersmith Foreshore  Chilmark Stone Mine  Salisbury Cathedral  Darwin 200  Mantle Xenoliths from Cape Verde Islands  Winter Weekend in Dorset  Members' Evening  LIPs, Meteorite Impacts and Mass Extinctions
2008 Gold Giants of the Great Silk Road  Sumatra to Java  Royal Observatory Greenwich  Geology of the Moon  How Britain Became an Island  Quarries of Ardingly and Horsham  Magnetism in the Solar System  20th Anniversary Pooh Geowalk  How to Make and Break an Asteroid  The Auvergne  Groundwater under London  Folkestone Warren  Wegener  Monitoring Volcan de Colima  Western Weald  Winter Weekend in the Mendips  Members' Evening  The Ancient Human Occupation of Britain
2007 Gilbert's Pit  Thames Barrier  Land and Sea Level Changes  Student Day to Herne Bay  Denbies Vineyard  Sarsen Geowalk on the South Downs  Kensal Green Cemetery  Langdon Cliffs, Dover  The Building Stones of Canterbury  Southern Spain  Extreme Sedimentology
2006 The Art Bronze Foundry  Ardingly Sandstone and Tombstones at Fletching  Teaching the Dynamic Earth  NHM Earth Science Library  The Vale of Wardour, The SW Wiltshire Anticline  Shetland  Harwich and Wrabness, Essex
2004-2005 Under Construction If you need to access any of the content urgently, please email info@lougs.org.uk and we will endeavour to accommodate your request.
2003 Crystal Palace  Herne Bay  Butser & The Weald and Downland  The Pyrenees  Isle of Sheppey  Newhaven and the White Cliffs  Harefield and Northmoor Woods  Mam Tor
2002 Herne Bay  Hogs Back Geowalk  Pickwick Quarry, Wiltshire  Anglesey  Albury Geology Trail  Bornholm, Denmark  Worbarrow Tout
2001 Povington Hill and Durlston Bay  Vesuvius and Volcanoes in the Naples Area